Bytemark Enterprise
A mass-transit management scalable solution

The merchant back office is the place where the Transit Organization can manage their whole system. From creating products, to transit benefits, to inventory management, the MBO 2.0 is a complete solution to Transit Organizations.

The initial approach was very simple to understand, re-design the Merchant backoffice tool. We quickly realized that this was not a simple task due to the lack of knowledge about our users and their needs, the scale of the project and the necessity of a while label approach.

My Role

Lead Product Designer

User Research, Interaction, Visual design, Prototyping & testing

June 2016 till August 2017
The Challenge

Unlike bytemark's end-users, the MBO users were very specific in their needs. They were high-end productivity tool users. Their needs revolved around efficacy, simplicity and efficiency. But we didn't have specific data. We understood the core features for an MVP product for transit organizations, but how users used this products was a complete unknown.

There was also a need to white-label the MBO so that it could be deployed in a fast and simple way to as many transit organizations as needed.

Due to this two streams of work started, the first one revolved around understanding deeply users needs and designing for them. The second stream was to create a design system to ensure consistency and alignment between all versions released.
Wireframes, iterations, possible solutions

The colossal task of re-designing, migrating and improve all the features of Bytemark enterprise solution involved first having to understand deeply our users, their needs and what core features were essential to their workflow.

Design partnered strategically with Product to define a roadmap for the MVP version based on user-feedback from qualitative interviews and quant data from our current enterprise tool and surveys.

As we created wireframes for possible solutions and tested them we started to understand our users a little more deeper than before and more importantly understanding their expectations and their behaviours.

We coded a quick prototype that simulated most of the core features and interactions and we gathered more data.
Seeing Results

As we deployed and iterated on the new version of the MBO we started seeing some results. Our custom conversion rates for defined funnels started to increase exponentially. We as deployed the new MBO to our partner transit organizations our deployment time started to decrease as well. We kept using this data to iterate and improve the overall experience

A design language born

As we went forward in this project we understood we needed to create a universal design language that both designers and developers could iterate on.

We work closely with the Customer Mobile team to take advantage of the design system created for that product and adapting it for a new medium, Web.

In retrospective

During my tenure at Bytemark I didn't have the privilege to see the MBO fully released to all transit organizations neither I had the opportunity to see other projects come to light such as the automatic deployment of the Customer Mobile 4.0.

The almost 3 years spent at Bytemark saw me grow as a designer and as a leader. In 2017 moved to London and joined Dixons Carphone where I had the opportunity to manage and mentor an amazing group of designers.

I'm extremely grateful to all the people I've had the honor of working alongside in Bytemark and all the opportunities I had during my time there.
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